Why Choose Us

Why Clients Keep GBA the Leader
  • We're a single-source solution.
    No one else has the technology expertise to cover the full spectrum of healthcare specialties - individually or in a package - from the earliest stages of operational technology programming through commissioning.
  • We take an integrated approach.
    Interoperability is critical in today's healthcare environment. We make sure that all medical technologies work together seamlessly, and we facilitate meaningful collaboration among the entire project team.
  • We focus exclusively on healthcare.
    And we are the only firm that brings such a breadth and depth of invaluable IT, technical and clinically trained experts to every technology-rich area of a healthcare facility.
  • All of our services center on helping the end users of technologies optimize patient care.
    We understand that creating a healing environment centered on patients is the ultimate goal of today's leading healthcare facilities.
  • Only GBA has such a long track record of success.
    We have consulted on more than 1,500 successful projects across the country and internationally.
  • Clients trust our objectivity and independence.
    We have no affiliation with suppliers of healthcare technologies and no vested interest in the technologies specified or size of the project's budget.
  • We don't just consult and leave the implementation to others.
    We offer complete operational implementation to ensure that projects remain on schedule and the job is done right.